Holly, Santa's secretary, has created this web site so that you can have a letter from Santa expedited to your child. With her in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of Santa's Workshop, Holly knows exactly how to get your request the response it deserves.

This web site will explain why we are different than those other sites that claim to provide letters from Santa. Holly's unique approach allows her to provide your child with a unique and personalized experience.

This is not your ordinary "Letter from Santa". Santa's Secretary is much more thorough than those other web sites. You see, we take the extra time to learn more about your child's interests, and we customize every letter. This is no cookie-cutter form letter. Each letter is written with your child in mind. Since Santa's Secretary does not use form letters, we take the extra time to compose a personalized letter. This approach helps in the illusion for your child and makes them truly believe in the magic of Santa and the season. Our letter makes them feel as if Santa really does knows them, and has been watching them.
Image of Holly